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How to pack moving boxes efficiently

How to pack moving boxes efficiently

One of the main conditions for a successful move is packaging. As a rule, packing of
boxes appear to be especially difficult and rise aplenty of questions. In this article Global
Gentle Movers will give your a few professional advice on the topic of packing boxes.
To begin with, let’s distinguish what things can be packed in a box:
– Other small items
The first and the foremost advice is to start packing in advance, not on the day of the
move! This will help you to avoid problems and losses, save your nerves.
Pack heavier items first: heavy shoes, books; lastly – fragile items: dishes, figurines,
paintings, and so on.
It is important to pack documents and money, jewelry and necessary medicines separately
from other stuff. Keep these things with you during the move.
Remember about the weight of a box. It must be lifting (not to exceed 85 lbs).
Wrap crystal and glass items separately in bubble wrap. Stick strips of adhesive tape on
mirror surfaces. Always put large items at the bottom of the box, place everything light on
Be sure to mark all the boxes: what’s inside and who owns it. Fragile things should be
additionally marked with some kind of sign, for example, a bright inscription “Fragile!”.
Treat the move as an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things. Feel free to throw away
old newspapers and magazines, broken toys and non-working equipment. Give away
clothes and shoes in good condition that don’t fit or you just don’t like to charity
Keep important documents and personal hygiene items close to you, do not let your bag
with essentials get lost among furniture or clothes boxes. If you have children, then pack
children’s toys as late as possible: you just collect them at the end and just as easily get
them in the first place in a new apartment, so that the children have something to play

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