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Top 20/35 home moving mistakes - Part 2.

This is the second part of the home moving mistakes series. As we’ve mentioned before in the first 10 moving mistakes, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re planning your move. We’ll go through some common problems homeowners run into and what you can do to avoid them in the future.



Top 20/35 home moving mistakes – Part 2.

Here’s a list of the next 10 moving mistakes:

  1. Not packing before the move
  2. Not moving in advance
  3. Moving too early in the season
  4. Not planning for your pets
  5. Going with an inexperienced movers
  6. Paying too much for moving services
  7. Not having enough insurance for your move
  8. Hiring movers before hiring packers
  9. Using the wrong type of containers
  10. Packing fragile items yourself


Here’s a list of the next 10 moving mistakes:



11. Not packing before the move.


Make sure you pack items ahead of time so you don’t run out of space and have to cram everything in the last few days before the move.

Remember to leave enough space for the movers to get through your home, so they can set up for their jobs and make sure nothing gets damaged during the move. 

Make sure you know how to handle all of your important documents, because you don’t want anything getting lost or stolen during the move.

If you have a lot of heavy furniture, make sure it is wrapped securely in blankets and secured with straps.

If you need to take your appliances with you, make sure they are plugged in and ready to go.

Don’t forget to pack any special items you would like to have with you after the move. Like, food and medicine for your pet.

The packing and strengthening process should be a relaxed one – the best way is to turn the packing skill into a game in which you sort, catalog, strengthen, pack and sign things. Start with things in classic shapes, for which there are plenty of instruction videos on youtube.

Be sure to check how the reinforcements hold up and don’t leave any empty spaces in boxes and drawers where things can roll around.

Gradually move on to more and more complicated things.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to remove the packaging later, so don’t overdo it.

Furniture with many components, fragile decorations, unusual shapes and large and heavy items should be left to professionals.

Rechargeable batteries are good to pack for a long trip or if you don’t want to bring lots of extra power cords. It’s also good to pack a cable for any important electronics you might bring with you as most hotels charge extra for using chargers on their electrical outlets. If you’re confident in your phone’s battery life, consider bringing an external battery charger so your phone doesn’t die from being plugged into the wall outlet all day and night.



12. Not moving in advance.


Make sure you have enough time to get your apartment ready for the new tenants. It is important to have everything packed and ready at least a week and a half before you move in. You don’t want your move-out day to fall on the day the new tenants move in. If you have a lease, make sure you have enough time to visit the landlord and pay all the bills.



13. Moving too early in the season.


Thanks to the size of our country, it is inevitable that we will experience traffic jams sometimes, even during the spring. There are best times to move and it should be avoided during peak traffic times on weekends or holidays.

Another thing to think about is the price of homes to buy and sell. On this subject it is better to consult professionals.

The numbers in this chart are a composite Google Trends metric, showing audience interest as a percentage instead of the number of queries.

Supply and demand of apparments and houses in San Francisco CA

Supply and demand trends for residential homes and apartments in San Francisco, CA.


Supply and demand of leasing and rental of appartments, houses in San Francisco CA

Supply and demand for leasing and renting apartments, houses in all categories in San Francisco CA.

In the case of leasing-renting, it is more difficult to select key phrases, since this cluster of queries is more blurred, so it is worth looking at the statistics of aggregators and rental listings. This will give a very rough idea before talking to agencies.


By calculating a Risk and Chance strategy with your agents, you’ll be able to find the best time to move.



14. Not planning for your pets.


Moving can be quite stressful because of having to worry about your furry or scaly friends. As a pet-owning family, you are ultimately responsible for your pet. Take some time to think about your current living arrangements and how the conditions of your future home will affect your pets. In the event of a long move, make sure the hotels you choose to stay in allow pets. Or consider an alternate route that will transport your pets from start to finish. Set up separate quarters for your pets upon arrival, so they won’t nervously move or ruin unattached appliances or delicate décor. In case your path is out of sync with the pets’ route. Consider creating an emergency plan with friends or relatives who live near your new home or with one of the pet hotels near the route.As mentioned earlier, stock up on food, medicine and toys as if the journey would take three times as long.



15. Going with an inexperienced movers.

The last thing you want is to pay more money for moving services because of poor movers.

Always make sure to find a company with a proven track record and experience. The best way to find out if they have experienced movers is to ask the selected companies directly. Ask what training the movers have had and if they have any certifications. Ask if they can lift your non-standard closet or four-meter aquarium or any other non-standard items you want to move. On the methodology of selection we will write a separate guide, but for now we recommend making a comparison table and start calling potential movers.



16. Paying too much for moving services.

A big mistake many people make is paying too much for their moving services. Don’t be fooled by a low price estimate because companies often add on hidden transportation costs and increased expenses that they may not disclose upfront. Clarify the payment for each step, the mandatory taxes, and add a tip.



17. Not having enough insurance for your move.

Inadequate moving insurance. Saving money on insurance is most often the problem, but sometimes it can be a mistake on the part of the moving company to assume that the client may need more than what the insurance covers. It is common practice to withhold a portion of the moving fee until the move is completed and all damages are assessed, unless otherwise specified.



18. Hiring movers before hiring packers.

Sometimes moving companies do not provide their own packers and mishaps often occur when hiring such companies. Therefore, check with the company whether there is a packing service and whether it is included in the purchased package of services.



19. Using the wrong type of containers.

If you plan to move furniture or appliances, always use packing crates, carts. Never use moving boxes if you have heavy items. Professional moving companies that include rigging in their services can move seemingly immovable cabinets that an adult cannot move a millimeter. They use special rigging transport systems, fasteners and packages to move such heavy items. Usually such things, not counting supplies, are quite expensive, so this can be considered another reason why you should turn to professional moving companies.

Another common problem is underestimating the ability of your clothes to leak, get wet, fall apart, crumble, break, and stain the rest of your belongings. So stock up on leak-proof containers for a variety of things, such as your pen collection.



20. Packing fragile items yourself.

You can’t pack fragile items yourself and expect them to make it safely – packing & unpacking fragile items yourself is one of the main moving errors people make.

Pack glass items, like dishes and vases, separately – glass can break into pieces when it comes in contact with other items.

The placement of the container with the vase inside the box is also not as easy as it seems. Without experience, a vase placed at the wrong angle or next to a hard object or empty space can break. Also, to an inexperienced person, placing a vase on the bottom under soft things may seem like a good idea, but in practice, when unpacking, you can get, for example, a down jacket and drop the vase from the box.


Moving is a stressful time for anyone, but it can be even more difficult if you don’t hire the right company. Hiring a moving company that doesn’t have the proper equipment, training, or insurance can lead to property damage and injury. On the other hand, hiring a reliable company with these three things in place can make your relocation an easy process.

Global Gentle Movers can help you experience less stress as you are moving with our professional services. We work quickly, so you can move to a new home or city without being stressed about the process.


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