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Moving is a troublesome business. Therefore, it is better to trust professionals than to solve all organizational issues yourself. You will save your nerves and transport things safe and sound.

If you are planning a residential move, follow the rules, which we will discuss below. Help the employees of the moving company, but do not distract them from their work. The speed of completing tasks depends not only on the experience of specialists, but also on your behaviour during the move. Professional movers have principles and know-how that guide them in their work. This is the key to a quick and hassle-free apartment move.

Do not create a tense environment and stay in touch!

On such a responsible day, trust the specialists of the moving company. Do not manage them and do not tell how to properly perform a particular process. It just confuses and gets in the way. The specialists of the moving company know their business well. When the owners of apartments and houses try to prove something, a tense situation is created. This significantly slows down the process of packing things, disassembling furniture and arranging things in their places. Therefore, it is better to mind your own business and not give any advice.

Before starting work, provide all the information to the company’s specialists related to the move. Always be in touch and do not go far. If you have any questions, you should be able to answer them by phone or in person.

Provide all important information

In order for the work to be completed as quickly as possible, initially provide the specialists of the moving company with the necessary information. What exactly is meant? It is much better when employees have all the data. For example, what is the distance from the door of the house to the parking lot, from which floor you need to lower the furniture and which floor to bring things in a new apartment. How to disassemble and assemble unusual furniture.

When ordering an apartment, discuss all issues with the dispatcher. Tell us about your wishes, possible obstacles and the amount of work that needs to be done. Then the dispatcher will calculate the time of completion of the move faster and more accurately and inform you of the required number of movers and trucks for your move.

Plan your move details

This is an important rule that should not be neglected. It refers to the details with the help of which the solution of a complex task is simplified and facilitated. Consider the main points:

Follow the rules of etiquette

Goodwill and courtesy are integral components of communication with the specialists of the moving company. Express your requests and wishes so that they are heard. If any items require special handling, tell the company staff about it. Follow the rules of etiquette and then the apartment move will be successful and take a little time.

Benefits of moving with Global Gentle Movers

The right choice of a moving company is the absence of problems and the resolution of issues in a short time. Choosing us, you will appreciate all the advantages:

  1. Reliability – our employees are responsible for their actions. Therefore, the transportation of things safe and sound is guaranteed.
  2. Reasonable prices – the cost of services is reasonable, and the quality meets expectations. The apartment move is carried out according to the plan.
  3. Efficiency – specialists immediately start working and solve problems in a short time.

You can fully trust the specialists of the moving company!

Moving a house or an apartment is a complex task that is difficult to handle on your own. Trust us and get the desired result! Global Gentle Movers is a reliable solution, which means assembling and disassembling furniture, arranging furniture, connecting household appliances. We provide packing materials and moving blanks for free. You can completely trust us and change your place of residence without losing time and effort!

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Are you licensed and insured?

Global Gentle Movers is a fully licensed and insured company with over 4 years of experience in the moving industry.

Should I pay if I need to pick up something from the other place on the way?

We do not have hidden charges and extra fees. We include everything you need in our rates.

How long does it take to move?

Many factors influence how long a move will take. But we can say with confidence that our professional team will ensure the most efficient use of your time without breaks.

Can I change my moving date?

Contact us to change the date of your move and discuss a new date. We will discuss all the details and you will not need to pay twice.

How do I book a moving date?

You can contact us by filling out a form on this website, by phone, through yelp or messages and ask any questions about our service and clarify whether we are available on the day of your move. The easiest way is to open the “reservation” tab on our website and fill in the information.

What types of clients do you work with?

We work with any type of client and provide three main types of services (residential, business, and long distance moving).

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    Lilya Zakiullina
    Lilya Zakiullina
    I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional service provided by these guys during my recent move. From start to finish, they demonstrated high quality professionalism, they promptly answered all my questions, provided clear explanations, and alleviated any concerns I had about the moving process. Their personalized approach made me feel valued as a customer❤️ On the moving day, the team arrived right on time, that I really appreciate!!! Thank you so much
    Kendall Mrozek
    Kendall Mrozek
    Emir and Murad were great! A quick and efficient move from the city to the South Bay. Highly recommend!
    Parinya Soisana
    Parinya Soisana
    Emir and Haziret good to moving stuff. i really like.
    Xandy Liu
    Xandy Liu
    Emir, Yura and Abai did a fantastic job! They arrive right on time and they accommodate my need to have morning moving, and they move quickly and efficiently. Definitely recommend their service.
    Richard Shen
    Richard Shen
    Friendly and quick.
    Quin Quintero
    Quin Quintero
    I had an seamless and quick move with them. Definitely recommend!
    Naveen Swamy
    Naveen Swamy
    Great moving experience with Global gentle movers. Emir and Bakai were awesome and moved my 1 bedroom very efficiently . Highly recommend their service
    Medha Naik
    Medha Naik
    I had an amazing moving experience with global gentle movers in Mountain View! Emir and Tilek were professional and efficient. They made the move completely stress free and smooth:)
    jalik davis
    jalik davis
    Emir and Tilek just helped me move into my new home in Oakland and they were very nice guys. They were fast, very careful with all my things, and very respectful. Would highly recommend you request these gentlemen if you need assistance moving. They made this transition very easy.
    Emily Greenburg
    Emily Greenburg
    Global Gentle Movers have very reasonable rates and their employees are punctual and professional. Everything was done promptly and quick with no damages.
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